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The 6 Factors for Lasting Health & Vitality

written by Matt Marchant

     Disease is complicated; Health is simple. Disease takes many doctors and many dollars to figure out. Health can be taught to a child and is a free as air.
Health care may not always be Health First Care, it may be Disease Management Care. Whether you substitute the words injury, disorder, or condition, for the word disease - the principle remains the same:

Looking for causes of disease cost us time and money, whereas creating health can happen right now, and is in most cases - FREE.

     Your experience of what a donkey looks like, depends on what end you are looking at. Likewise, your experience of trying to get a donkey into a barn, varies greatly depending on whether you try to push it in with your hands, or lead it in with a carrot. The same is true of whether you choose to focus on stopping disease or on creating health.

What would you do differently in your approach to health and fitness if you found out that you are focusing on the wrong end of your problem, and that you’ve been pushing when leading is much more productive?

Health and Vitality are simple. Here is how you create it yourself:

1. Eat Right

     Food is much more than fuel. It may also be your medicine, which means that it can also be your poison. How many mistakes can an employee get a way with each week, before the boss fires them? How many mistakes can we make each day with our food choices, before our stomach fires us? Each time we eat, it is a chance to heal our bodies and mind.

2. Drink enough water.

     Your body is mostly water, and a drop in hydration by as little as 2-3% may cause a drop in physical strength by 20-30%. You need sufficient water for digestion of food, the working of the brain, and proper signaling of muscles and organs from the nerves. Man may last weeks without food, yet only days without water.

3. Breath correctly

     As important as food and water are, nothing surpassing the body’s highest priority - Oxygen. It only takes minutes to find out how important it is: simply hold your breath. We breathe air for more than just  oxygen, even thought it is oxygen that plays a crucial role in brain activity and muscle endurance. Breathing correctly is a way to detoxify the body, lower blood and organ acidity, and reduce stress. No pill works as well as breathing to increase overall health and well-being. Air happens to free as well.

4. Sleep deeply enough.

     Sleep is more than just resting the body and mind, and for those that don’t get enough, or feel they don’t need much, they are missing out on life’s little secret: It is only with deep enough and long enough sleep that we grow.
     Whether your growth goals are for physical health or mental vitality, sleep is an essential ingredient. When we honor the bodies needs for recovery and rebuilding, we are rewarded with a healthy body and a happy mind.

5. Move appropriately.

     Movement and exercise are more than just for the muscles. The heart and mind benefit from movement as well. The heart gets stronger and the mind more resilient. Our movements must be goal appropriate though. Movement and exercise comes in different forms. Some movement is a working OUT of energy, while other movement is a working IN of energy. Knowing the difference and correctly applying it is key.

6. Think positive

     Action starts as a thought. Likewise inaction requires thought as well. It is said that inaction is often harder work than action. It is similar to the old saying that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. How we think will absolutely affect all the other 5 factors of health and vitality.

     Each factor, or ingredient if you will, is like a spoke in a bicycle wheel: the more you pull out, the weaker the tire gets, and the less milage you will be able to get out of it. If you would like to not only get more “mileage” out of your body and mind, but to enjoy the “miles” you put in as well, I recommend that you check each of these 6 Factors for Lasting Health & Vitality.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Matt Marchant to discuss the right health and fitness program for you, please contact him at:

(714) 342-0359


Here is what some have said about Matt Marchant and his approach to Health & Vitality:

     “Training with Matt has cracked the code on health and well being issues in my life. I came to Matt in a very weakened state from a year and a half long illness. Matt knew exactly how to customize a program for me and for the condition of my body. He combined different types of training/exercise and breathing techniques which allowed me to see and feel progress and improvement. Improvement not only physically but mentally. With his vast amount of skills and knowledge Matt is much more than a trainer. Matt is a terrific motivator/coach/teacher with his clear wisdom and simple approaches to your issues.” - P. Frick

     “After having a neck injury for over a year, I finally have hope of recovery. Matt starts with the very basics of core strengthening and stretches with very thorough explanations and youtube videos. I’m on a journey of learning life skills and how to safely exercise and move! and there’s more to learn with his holistic approach to eating, breathing, and thinking. Thank you Matt for speeding my recovery with common sense measures that work.” - Vicki Warren

     “Matt, I have really enjoyed learning so much at your classes and in our exercise sessions. You have corrected years of bad form and improper breathing techniques. Now I know I am doing my exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) correctly, accompanied with proper breathing. I feel 10 years younger. I only wished I had all this energy and knowledge when I started working out in my twenties!” - Mari Soltz

This article has been inspired by the work of Paul Chek.

For more information on his work read the book, "How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy", or look into attending the C.H.E.K Insitute course, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1.


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  • Exercise Coach from the C.H.E.K Institute
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  • PPS Success Practitioner from the C.H.E.K Institute

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