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Man’s Best Friend is Man’s Best Teacher

The Dog: Man’s best friend is also man’s best teacher for unconditional acceptance and unending forgiveness.

There are many teachers in our life if we allow them in. Some may be of people, and some may be of pets. With all the potential life teaching moments available to us, a dog seems to be best suited to teach us about unconditional acceptance and unending forgiveness.

I have had “trouble” with dogs for most of my life. I was bitten at 10 years old, and again at 14. For many years of my life I have had recurring dreams where I am being chased by vicious dogs, sometimes even bitten.

I used to think that those dreams spoke to the loss of loyalty I felt by those close to me. Maybe it was a premonition that other’s would be disloyal to me in the future. But that is assuming one thing about the symbolism of dogs - that they are a lesson in loyalty.

I no longer think that is their lesson for us learn.

My “trouble” with dogs is really my fear of dogs. My fear of dogs is really my fear of what they represent to me. The deeper I dig into their representation, the deeper wounds I can heal.

I fear not being accepted, yet I fear being accepted, thus I fear any thing or any message able to accept me unconditionally... and I have since I was a boy, maybe since I was ten. Perhaps the dog bite was a chance to learn more about me and less about dogs.

I fear not being able to forgive others from my heart, yet I fear the vulnerability that comes with forgiving others from my heart, thus I fear any thing or any message able to extend me unending forgiveness... and I have since I was a teen, maybe since I was fourteen. Again, perhaps the dog bite was a chance to learn more about me and less about dogs.

What does your dog teach you?

What can you do with this new awareness?


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