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Strength & Conditioning

Bigger, stronger and faster. Whether you are an elite athlete or weekend warrior, a First-Responder Professional or just desire to develop your body to its best capacity - The Marchant Training Method Strength & Conditioning Division is for you!

Our goal is to work both harder and smarter as we aspire to each day to be better than the day before. To accomplish this, we need to follow the Power Continuum: Mobility precedes Stability, Stability precedes Strength, and Strength precedes Power. True unlimited power is experienced once we increase mobility, maintain stability, and develop usable and functional strength. Much time can be wasted in the gym doing exercises that neither address nor improve the exact strength and endurance needed on the field or on the job.

Our strength & conditioning program not only puts you in the game, but it keeps you in the game as well. Far too often athletes and professionals needlessly become injured and are over fatigued. This program will teach to how to recover as well as how to build your body into a fully functional machine, ready for anything!


Personal Training

Private or Semi-Private training available, 30 or 60 minute sessions available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my first complimentary appointment?

To set up your first 30 minute complimentary appointment, feel free to contact me over the phone, e-mail, or by the contact form listed at the bottom of the page.

What will our first appointment be like?

Our first appointment will cover your goals for our time together. We will also go through a few basic functional movement assessments. If more detailed assessments are needed, we will discuss that during this first appointment.

What should I be doing in between our appointments?

Each client receives a personalized home mobility program. This program will be sent in an e-mail with a video link to each movement in the program. Typically it is recommended to do this basic 5-10 minute mobility program each day on your own. Some clients also receive a personalized home exercise program to do in between sessions.

Will my workouts change as the season of my sport changes?

Yes. Athletes do best when their training follows a sport specific periodized workout schedule. Today with some sports, there are less clearly defined on and off seasons. This too will be factored into an athlete’s workout program.

How will we chart my progress as an athlete?

All progress can be measured by either quantity or quality of movement. It is important to chart both. The best source of feedback will always be - how you are performing in your sport. There are also many tools to measure progress in the gym, including heart rate, volume of work, recovery speed and most importantly of all, quality and skill of movement.

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What is the Core?

February 13, 2014 | Comments

     This is Lesson 1, of a 12 Point Education Series for the clients of the Marchant Training Method. This is a preview of the information taught to those who make the committment to change their health and fitness, and the commitment we make back to teach them how to inform and inspire themselves towards their dreams and goals.

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Tags: Exercise/Movement

The 8 Abilities of an Athlete

May 14, 2013 | Comments

written by Matt Marchant

     So you want to become a better athlete in your sport, but what skills do you need? Just like the fact, to be excellent in business requires excellent business skills, and to be great at academics requires great academic skills, to be the best athlete you can possibly be, you will need to acquire the right skills.

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Tags: Exercise/Movement

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About Matt Marchant

Matt is a student of life and enjoys laughing, learning, and loving along with his wife and two year old son. He enjoys spending time in nature where he finds peace and rejuvenation, but most of all the simplicity that the outdoors provide. When he is not working he is playing, when he is playing he is working.


Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) & Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Owner of Marchant Training Method, since 2001

Education & Certifications:

  • B.S. Degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Physiology from California State University at Fullerton in 2001
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 3 from the C.H.E.K Institute
  • Exercise Coach from the C.H.E.K Institute
  • Circular Strength Training Coach (CST) from RMAX International
  • Circular Strength Training Kettlebell Specialist (CST-KS) Instructor from RMAX International
  • Holistic Coach from Journeys of Wisdom
  • PPS Success Practitioner from the C.H.E.K Institute

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